Friday, November 6, 2015

Climate Dispatch: 5 Most Viewed Posts

I started Climate Dispatch earlier this year with the hope of providing information and viewpoints of interest.  There have been 24 posts so far.  I'm working on more and plan to provide updates when I attend the United Nations climate meeting in Paris early next month.

What's been most interesting to Climate Dispatch readers?  The five most viewed posts to date are:

1.  Traitors to Humanity

The most viewed post, Traitors to Humanity, offers some thoughts on how climate deniers will be remembered in the future, concluding:
For a bit of political self-gratification now, the climate denial leaders are condemning themselves to be forever remembered as betraying humans and the planet.

2.  Some Recent Climate Change Videos I Liked - August 2015

Never underestimate the power of visual media.  I enjoy learning about issue through a variety of sources, including videos and video clips.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the second most viewed post was a compilation of six videos ranging from an overview of cap and trade to an analysis of the Pope's encyclical to climate impacts on the wine industry. The post is linked here.

3.  California Coast:  Get Ready for Sea Level Rise

The California coastline is already seeing the impacts of rising tides and warmer waters.  What is not generally known is that our best efforts to address climate change will likely lead to a sea level increase of about 3 feet in the next 85 years.  Without aggressive efforts, the rise could be 6 feet.  Even a few inches causes dramatic impacts, so we better get ready.  The third most viewed post relates to climate impacts on our coast and is linked here.

Source:  PG&E presentation to CEC/PUC Adaptation Workshop 7/27/15

4.  Clean Coal:  This Hydra Needs to Die

Promoting "Clean Coal" has become a favorite energy source for many of the Republican presidential candidates and some are even distancing themselves from cleaner energy like solar and wind.  The fourth most viewed post compares "clean coal" to the many-headed hydra that sprouts more heads each time you cut one off.  The post is linked here.

Hydra: Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program

5.  California 2030 Climate Goals: Renewable Energy

The fifth most viewed post was part of a series covering summertime workshops to assess progress towards California climate goals for 2030.  The renewable energy post is the only one of the series in the top five list.  The other posts covered transportation (#8) and energy efficiency (#11).


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